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Tami Laine grew up traveling the United States.  By the time she started high school she had lived in thirteen different places in seven different states and had gone to nine different schools.  For the last half of her life she has lived throughout California and has settled in Ventura for the past five years.

Before coming to Ventura Tami started Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as an Architecture Major.  Part way through design classes she decided that something was not right and she took a look at her past jobs: swimming instructor then eventually coach to seven and eight year olds, tutor to students with learning disabilities, and teacher’s assistant to a learning specialist.  Tami also volunteered for several years in the Week of Welcome program at Cal Poly teaching and training incredible leaders.  All of her jobs pertained to teaching in some way and she loved each one of them.  After finishing her Bachelor’s of Architecture she went through the teaching credential program at Cal Poly.

After finally graduating from college, Tami taught fifth grade at Clarence Ruth Elementary School for a couple of years and then transferred to De Anza Middle School to get into the Ventura Unified School District.  She thought she would transfer back to elementary school after a year but found she loved teaching math all day.  After five years of teaching sixth and seventh graders, Tami came to Open Classroom to teach second and third graders. She is currently teaching the fourth and fifth grade class and loving every minute of it.

On her days off you will most likely find Tami somewhere near the ocean surfing, kayaking, or her favorite SCUBA diving, although sometimes she heads to the High Sierras for a little backpacking.  Someday she would like to travel around the country again to revisit some of the places of her past but also travel the world to explore some new and exciting places she has never seen.