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I am originally a Northern California girl. I grew up playing in the Russian River, and spent my summers roaming wild in the rolling hills catching lizards, snakes, mice and any other small animal I could find.

My early love of science was strongly supported by my family. My father has been a life long inspiration to what learning science should be, fun, magical, and awe inspiring. He always seemed to have some cool experiment to do, some weird reaction we could watch or something we could shoot into the sky at the park. My mother embraced the biologist in me. Letting me take in many a critter and supporting my development of wildlife husbandry and medicine.

My first career was in wild life rehabilitation. I worked with native species of birds, ranging from humming birds to golden eagles and falcons. It was a great opportunity to work with wildlife and to work with the public. This job also introduced me to teaching, which I loved. In addition to bird care, it was my responsibility to train all new volunteers, and staff. My belief then as it is now is that a hand on experiential learning in a safe and supportive environment is essential.

As I “grew Up” I moved on, I worked for a time at a small time at a zoo in central California before settling in Goleta and having my son. As a mother I soon found the itch to be a teacher slowly becoming overwhelming. So when my son headed off to school so did I. My professional training is from Antioch University Santa Barbara, a very strong social justice and ecological literacy based school. This education provided me with further experience in the experiential learning that I believe in and supported my development in child centered teaching. I spent a year teaching in an alternative school in Santa Barbra as part of my Para professional training, and found that I truly valued the opportunity that open schools provide for students to get the individuals education that they need.

I find that I still hold the same educational values now that I did when I was a young child trouncing through the grass of the oak forest of my hometown. Learning should be hands on, it should be relevant, it should be tailored to the child it is being taught to. Learning should be fun! My goal as a teacher is to “bring it” every day, to show my students how and why the things were learn are cool, exciting and worth learning about and hopefully in the end get them excited about learning too.